GyroSphere Thrill Ride

GyroSphere Thrill Ride

    • Actual Size: 12ft (L) x 12ft (W) x 9ft (H)
    • Setup Area: 18ft (L) x 18ft (W) x 15ft (H)
    • Outlets: 1

    • $849.00
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GyroSphere Thrill Ride


Our newest addition to the growing lineup is the one and only GyroSphere Thrill Ride! Boy does it live up to its name. It is both gyroscopic and extreme. Two riders try to see if they can survive 60 seconds spinning and rotating in every direction at once. Guess what? NASA used to use the same technology to train astronauts to simulate weightlessness! This powered human gyro-sphere is staffed by us and requires a standard electrical outlet to operate. Riders must be at minimum 48 inches tall and a Maximum height of 6' 2" to enjoy. Each rider may ride at a maximum weight of 225 pounds per person. Teens love it! Rent a gyro-sphere and let the fun begin. Don't forget to watch our video.. ...


The GyroSphere Thrill Ride : 

  • Increases the guest experience of every event.
  • experience what our astronauts feel during training.
  • 60 riders per hour.
  • 2 riders can ride at a time.
  • Minimum Height: 48 in
  • Max height: 6 ft 2 in 
  • Max Weight: 200 lbs per person
  • Additional Attendants may be required at large events, (per insurance requirement)
  • Price includes 2 hours ...additional hours may be purchased at a rate of $200 per hour

* School Vendor Approved

 * Licensed and Insured



2 Hrs $849

3 Hrs $1049

4 Hrs $1249

Additional hours are $200/Hr